Using Flagpoles in Your Business in 2017

Hey Moms – just wanted to discuss the recent current events that have taken place which have inspired me to get flags and flagpoles in the front of my business. There are some added benefits to it other than simply just having a flag in your yard… I wrote a piece below. Hope you enjoy! 🙂


Collinsflags offers many flagpoles that have several key benefits to organizations as well as individuals. They show pride in your state and country. You can also use them as landmarks especially when a home or building is hard to locate. Flagpoles may also be used as a signage. A large flagpole is an ideal substitution for boring signs; a flagpole may be any size you want. You can make customs flags to your own desired specifications. Of course this is not to say that signs are no longer useful, however a flagpole can play the same role as a sign with extra elegance. Discover three advantages to adding a flag pole in front of your office or business.

Draw Attention to Your Business

A flagpole in your business makes it stand out. If your business is found on a sidewalk surrounded by several other businesses, use a small flagpole to make you unique. You may also take advantage of height during holidays by appropriately decorating it. If your business is standalone, you may do the same and also use it as a key landmark to help your clients easily locate your business.



Your clients want to associate something positive with your business as they frequent it. Proudly brandishing your state or country flag shows them that you’re proud doing business in your country. This will put a positive frame of mind in your customer about the product you represent. This association can earn you customer retention. If you display your flag, be sure to honor it by putting it half-staff if necessary. Plus, take into consideration the national flag days. Patriotic clients will take note of the respect you have for the flag in honoring the national flag days throughout the year. Also, if you’re looking to switch it up, instead of plain U.S. Flags, try to look at some military flags for added patriotism!

Conversation piece

By adding a flagpole in front of your organization, you immediately have conversational piece your clients as well as potential visitors can identify you by. This is true specifically if you install the flag of your state to the flagpole. Your business can quickly be referred to as the one with flag out front’, making people easily identify what business their colleagues are talking about whenever your business name comes up during a conversation. This is good- all businesses would wish to identify with something positive.


As a business owner, you are constantly searching for ways to increase traffic to your business, and one of the ways of making it more attractive is visibility. Using a commercial flagpole will benefit your business in several ways.

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Moms in Business Buying Office Space

Business and the task of earning money was once limited to only men and women used to remain involved in home affairs. With the growing employment opportunities and the need for fresh talents in business, more women are getting involved in office work and business. More specifically they are so talented and full of ideas that in spite of getting employed under someone else they are becoming entrepreneurs and starting up organizations where they can offer employment for someone else. The present century has witnessed a sharp increase in the number of female entrepreneurs that has clearly reversed the trend and has wiped away the misrepresentation of the women class.
Every business starts with a small idea that gets magnified as days roll down. There are several business ideas that any business moms can start away with like medical billing, spa business, grant writing and many other innovative ideas. The latest idea to start with is work from home. Since most of the business moms have kids to look after and hence working from home is the most favored option for them as they can take care of both work and family at the same time. Still every business needs a little dedication and separation in matters of time dedication. Hence many business moms have been looking for office spaces so that they can push their business practice to an all new height.
business moms buying office space
Since most of the business happens over internet and thus what is needed is a laptop with internet connectivity. Thus one can find a space at home for office space and thereby keep the system at a place where it is best suitable and involves little or no movement at all. Buying an office space is not suitable for all. For moms with adult kids, they can work in a different place away from home. For business moms with infants a home office space is considered to be the best place for working. It helps them to keep balance between work and family. Further as per experts view the productivity in a home employer is quite high as compared to those who are working away.

For a business mom working from home office, the space should be calm and quiet. It must be in a place where there is a feeling of an office chamber so as to add a sense of professionalism to the work. For those working away, the choice for office space matters as lot. It must be in the heart of the city so that everyone has easy access to the business premises. Communication and connectivity matter a lot in terms of bringing in new customers to the organization. It should not be in a remote place where there is hardly any chance for the customers to reach there and thereby causing the overall investment a failure.

Starting a business and eventually grow with it is a dream for any entrepreneur. Hence the office space plays a major role in deciding the overall success and profitability of the business in long run. Fore more info about milwaukee office space, click the link. There are some great offices for a low price there. If you’re in the Milwaukee area, it’s a great place to buy office space

Do offices increase productivity?

Hey Moms,
Sorry for the delay in writing a blog post. I’ve been bogged down a bit with my entrepreneurial ventures 🙂 I wanted to write a quick article for you guys about how office space can increase productivity. Stay tuned for some great office space deals below!
Do business offices increase productivity? Why can’t you keep working out of your bedroom and kitchen table? Your employees and clients don’t care about having a a professional office space, or do they? A certain few employees are getting annoyed about the dog jumping up on them and your 2 year old who is screaming and won’t take a nap. Maybe an office space isn’t such a bad idea.
Business growth:
Studies show that owning or leasing business office space increases productivity, and it is time to get out of that home corner office. Your business is growing, and you need to find an office space that will allow for increased productivity among you and your employees. You shouldn’t have to make your bed every time your employees come over for a web conference in the corner office of your bedroom. Whipping out the folding chairs and huddling around your outdated desktop is no way to run a business.
Your employees may say they love working from home in their pajamas, but how many times has a deadline not been met and a business meeting canceled. Working from home is nice, but often it can get too comfortable and your employees don’t meet their obligations.
Common area:
Offices increase productivity by having a common area to work together. Home offices are alright for a one person business, but a group of employees need a place to congregate and share ideas. Most employees don’t have the self discipline to be highly effective in a home office. The distractions are too tempting. The laundry needs to get done and maybe you should start making dinner. An office provides a professional environment to get all important work done.
Somewhere to go everyday:
Research proves that the average middle class employee is more effective traveling to and from a location and working in an office setting every day, as compared to the home office worker. A lot of it boils down to work ethic, and you are more likely to be effective at your job if you have a place to go to every day, outside the confines of your home.
Healthy competition:
Healthy competition is good. It keeps you on your toes and allows you to explore new avenues not previously considered. One on one employee interaction and competition can make your business better, and having an office space is important so your employees can empower their creative liberties and promote business growth and prosperity.
Lets face it, that desktop you have at home is running a historic operating system and takes about 10 minutes to log in. You need to have and office space that meets all of your office and technological needs. That old desktop may be fine for home use, but it is vital in a business setting to be as efficient as possible. Many office leases come with state of the art equipment, meeting all of your business needs.
Acquiring an office space is a big decision. Offices increase productivity, and will afford your business the opportunity to grow. If you’re stuck on trying to select an area for your new office space… you might want to check out Milwaukee. Milwaukee is a great place for that downtown feel without the price gouging that Chicago offers (sorry to any Chicago lovers… but it’s true!). If you’re in the midwest and looking to relocate… take a look at milwaukee office space – you’ll be glad that you did.

Possible areas to be used as a home office for work-at-home moms

Buying an office is a tasking and stressful job. This is especially so for women in business as some of them might have kids and a home to look after. Buying an office only adds to their numerous responsibilities. However, what if you could just set up your own office at home? No lease or rent charges and most importantly, your kids are just in the next room, hence not compromising on your duties as a mom. Wouldn’t this be great?
business moms
As simple as it sounds, there may still be things that a mom will need to think through. Where will the space be put? How will it be filled? What will be the cost of creating the office space? The questions are endless, but on the bright side, finding their solutions will not be as stressful as purchasing or leasing an office space somewhere else.

When you talk of a home office, most people fantasize of a well-furnished office that is an extension to a home. However, this is not the case as most moms do not adequate disposable income to make this into a reality. Furthermore, if you are living in an apartment or small home, getting enough space for such a venture might prove to be very tricky. So, the big question arises, where can I put an office in my home?

The closet is a good place to begin. Yes, the closet. It is not uncommon for work-at-home moms to turn their spare closets into home offices. It is simple and quite affordable. Custom make the desk to allow it to fit into the space. A small filing cabinet may also be added. Doing this will certainly give you more decorative freedom.

A family room or bedroom corner is also another popular option. As a mom, you can buy a corner desk and paint the space a color that suits you. You may also visit your local home improvement store and purchase molding that will be used to frame the corner. Surprisingly, apart from serving as an office, the area will also look elegant to your guests.

The guest room is a perfect location for a home office. You can set up your space either in on one of the corners in your guest room or the guest room closet. Try and think of how many times in a year you use the guest room. You might be surprised to find the count does not go beyond one hand. Add shelves onto one of the walls and bring a small desk without forgetting to include a filing cabinet. This will allow guests to have a desk that they can use during their visit while also allowing you to have your own office space. Why keep the room closed when it can be a great asset in your business?

For any woman in business, an office is an essential part of her activities. Instead of looking for an office space to buy, kill 2 birds with one stone by setting up an office in your garage, attic, or even shed. As a mom, building your own business brand is important but your family should also not be neglected.

Moms Owning Their Own Business

The job of a mom is a huge one. Mothers are the multitaskers of all multitaskers. They can cook dinner, help a child with their homework and clean the kitchen all at the same time. Mom’s work is never done. When baby is asleep, she is being the domestic goddess and the ultimate wife. How does she get everything done? Magic!
As time has gone by, mother’s have gone from staying home and raising the children, to working in the workforce and now to owning their own business. So now, moms are not just domestic goddesses, great moms and fabulous wives, but they are now adding accomplished business woman to their illustrious title. There are many reasons why mothers have decided to start their own businesses. Starting your own business is a huge decision. This is not a decision to be made lightly. Yet more and more mothers are making the choice to start their own. Why is that?
The reason moms are deciding to start their own businesses can be summed up in one word: Flexibility. The economy has not bounced back completely yet. There are still countless men and women out of work. Women still make less than men in the work place, even when they hold the same position. Sometimes in life when the opportunities are not coming your way, you need to create them yourself. As mothers we really, deep down inside, want to be home with our tiny humans but we must provide for them also. Unfortunately, America has not gotten on board with more family friendly positions. If a mom wants to have the flexibility of working and being with her kids, she has to either find a job that is more family friendly or create her own money making opportunity.
Modern technology has changed the way we do business in America. There are more companies embracing the idea of telecommuting. Telecommuting makes it easy for anyone to work from home and have a very flexible work schedule. Telecommuting saves people time and money. When you do not have to travel into the office, you do not have to spend money on gas, day care and expensive clothes. Your furthest commute is from your bedroom to your home office.
Moms of today want to be present in their children’s lives and support them at the same time. They are using modern technology and their business skills to create businesses that give them the freedom to work from home. It is really easy to have an home office and have your children a room away. A mother that teaches an instrument like piano, can teach individual lessons from one room of the house while her children are present in the other room. She can work her schedule around school events, children sports and doctor’s appointments.
Starting a business is a lot of work. Mothers work 24/7 as it is. Starting your own business will add more work hours to your day. Bright side is you will be with your kids. Mothers with their own business are the boss. You make the rules. If you start a business outside of your home, no one can tell you your children cannot be there with you. That is the great beauty of starting your own business. Mom business owners will change the face of business for everyone.

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Women in Business

business women officesDespite the constant calls for gender equity, women are still not given as many opportunities as their male counterparts. Most women in business are often misjudged and rarely get credit for the good work that they do. There are many myths and wrong perceptions about women who are in business hence it is important to clear them and recognize the efforts these women make in business. Women are capable of achieving as much as men can thus some of the strengths about women who are in business are discussed below. Women in business care about their teams. In business, it is important to work together as a team when tackling problems so that you can be able to come up with the best way to solve an issue. Women ensure that they are part of a team and ensure that they come up with the best solutions for their business. It is not by surprise that most women are coaches or mentors since they can be able to bring people together and reason. It is through their concern and care for the teams they are working with that help them find the right solution to problems they encounter.
Women that are in business are known to be smart. It is not possible for a person to conduct business without understanding what it is all about. In order to be able to carry out business, there are many aspects that people have to learn and understand so that they are able to achieve success. Women understand this thus they are well educated on business matters and often ensure they are up to date with the current affairs of business matters. They are also likely to know what will work out and what will not. Though they take risks, they ensure that the margin of failure is as minimal as possible as they don’t invest blindly.
Women in business are capable of running business without having to constantly seek help in tackling any problems that the business is going through. There are people who perceive women to be weak and incapable of making decisions on their own. However, those that are business are known to be tough and properly equipped to be able to make decisions on themselves. No matter the kind of business problem that is within their disposal, they know exactly what the best course of action is.

Most women who are in business know how to take charge of the business or any emerging issues with the business. There is nothing as important as ensuring that you are able to take control of your business and run it the way it should. Women are known to seize the moment and take control of how things are done. The fact that they are always ready to listen and learn helps them know exactly which the best way to handle situations is. Even with the right statistical information, there are other business aspects that one must consider too ensure that the business has a long life. That is why women ensure that are surrounded by like minded people.