Moms Owning Their Own Business

The job of a mom is a huge one. Mothers are the multitaskers of all multitaskers. They can cook dinner, help a child with their homework and clean the kitchen all at the same time. Mom’s work is never done. When baby is asleep, she is being the domestic goddess and the ultimate wife. How does she get everything done? Magic!
As time has gone by, mother’s have gone from staying home and raising the children, to working in the workforce and now to owning their own business. So now, moms are not just domestic goddesses, great moms and fabulous wives, but they are now adding accomplished business woman to their illustrious title. There are many reasons why mothers have decided to start their own businesses. Starting your own business is a huge decision. This is not a decision to be made lightly. Yet more and more mothers are making the choice to start their own. Why is that?
The reason moms are deciding to start their own businesses can be summed up in one word: Flexibility. The economy has not bounced back completely yet. There are still countless men and women out of work. Women still make less than men in the work place, even when they hold the same position. Sometimes in life when the opportunities are not coming your way, you need to create them yourself. As mothers we really, deep down inside, want to be home with our tiny humans but we must provide for them also. Unfortunately, America has not gotten on board with more family friendly positions. If a mom wants to have the flexibility of working and being with her kids, she has to either find a job that is more family friendly or create her own money making opportunity.
Modern technology has changed the way we do business in America. There are more companies embracing the idea of telecommuting. Telecommuting makes it easy for anyone to work from home and have a very flexible work schedule. Telecommuting saves people time and money. When you do not have to travel into the office, you do not have to spend money on gas, day care and expensive clothes. Your furthest commute is from your bedroom to your home office.
Moms of today want to be present in their children’s lives and support them at the same time. They are using modern technology and their business skills to create businesses that give them the freedom to work from home. It is really easy to have an home office and have your children a room away. A mother that teaches an instrument like piano, can teach individual lessons from one room of the house while her children are present in the other room. She can work her schedule around school events, children sports and doctor’s appointments.
Starting a business is a lot of work. Mothers work 24/7 as it is. Starting your own business will add more work hours to your day. Bright side is you will be with your kids. Mothers with their own business are the boss. You make the rules. If you start a business outside of your home, no one can tell you your children cannot be there with you. That is the great beauty of starting your own business. Mom business owners will change the face of business for everyone.

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