Do offices increase productivity?

Hey Moms,
Sorry for the delay in writing a blog post. I’ve been bogged down a bit with my entrepreneurial ventures 🙂 I wanted to write a quick article for you guys about how office space can increase productivity. Stay tuned for some great office space deals below!
Do business offices increase productivity? Why can’t you keep working out of your bedroom and kitchen table? Your employees and clients don’t care about having a a professional office space, or do they? A certain few employees are getting annoyed about the dog jumping up on them and your 2 year old who is screaming and won’t take a nap. Maybe an office space isn’t such a bad idea.
Business growth:
Studies show that owning or leasing business office space increases productivity, and it is time to get out of that home corner office. Your business is growing, and you need to find an office space that will allow for increased productivity among you and your employees. You shouldn’t have to make your bed every time your employees come over for a web conference in the corner office of your bedroom. Whipping out the folding chairs and huddling around your outdated desktop is no way to run a business.
Your employees may say they love working from home in their pajamas, but how many times has a deadline not been met and a business meeting canceled. Working from home is nice, but often it can get too comfortable and your employees don’t meet their obligations.
Common area:
Offices increase productivity by having a common area to work together. Home offices are alright for a one person business, but a group of employees need a place to congregate and share ideas. Most employees don’t have the self discipline to be highly effective in a home office. The distractions are too tempting. The laundry needs to get done and maybe you should start making dinner. An office provides a professional environment to get all important work done.
Somewhere to go everyday:
Research proves that the average middle class employee is more effective traveling to and from a location and working in an office setting every day, as compared to the home office worker. A lot of it boils down to work ethic, and you are more likely to be effective at your job if you have a place to go to every day, outside the confines of your home.
Healthy competition:
Healthy competition is good. It keeps you on your toes and allows you to explore new avenues not previously considered. One on one employee interaction and competition can make your business better, and having an office space is important so your employees can empower their creative liberties and promote business growth and prosperity.
Lets face it, that desktop you have at home is running a historic operating system and takes about 10 minutes to log in. You need to have and office space that meets all of your office and technological needs. That old desktop may be fine for home use, but it is vital in a business setting to be as efficient as possible. Many office leases come with state of the art equipment, meeting all of your business needs.
Acquiring an office space is a big decision. Offices increase productivity, and will afford your business the opportunity to grow. If you’re stuck on trying to select an area for your new office space… you might want to check out Milwaukee. Milwaukee is a great place for that downtown feel without the price gouging that Chicago offers (sorry to any Chicago lovers… but it’s true!). If you’re in the midwest and looking to relocate… take a look at milwaukee office space – you’ll be glad that you did.