Using Flagpoles in Your Business in 2017

Hey Moms – just wanted to discuss the recent current events that have taken place which have inspired me to get flags and flagpoles in the front of my business. There are some added benefits to it other than simply just having a flag in your yard… I wrote a piece below. Hope you enjoy! 🙂


Collinsflags offers many flagpoles that have several key benefits to organizations as well as individuals. They show pride in your state and country. You can also use them as landmarks especially when a home or building is hard to locate. Flagpoles may also be used as a signage. A large flagpole is an ideal substitution for boring signs; a flagpole may be any size you want. You can make customs flags to your own desired specifications. Of course this is not to say that signs are no longer useful, however a flagpole can play the same role as a sign with extra elegance. Discover three advantages to adding a flag pole in front of your office or business.

Draw Attention to Your Business

A flagpole in your business makes it stand out. If your business is found on a sidewalk surrounded by several other businesses, use a small flagpole to make you unique. You may also take advantage of height during holidays by appropriately decorating it. If your business is standalone, you may do the same and also use it as a key landmark to help your clients easily locate your business.



Your clients want to associate something positive with your business as they frequent it. Proudly brandishing your state or country flag shows them that you’re proud doing business in your country. This will put a positive frame of mind in your customer about the product you represent. This association can earn you customer retention. If you display your flag, be sure to honor it by putting it half-staff if necessary. Plus, take into consideration the national flag days. Patriotic clients will take note of the respect you have for the flag in honoring the national flag days throughout the year. Also, if you’re looking to switch it up, instead of plain U.S. Flags, try to look at some military flags for added patriotism!

Conversation piece

By adding a flagpole in front of your organization, you immediately have conversational piece your clients as well as potential visitors can identify you by. This is true specifically if you install the flag of your state to the flagpole. Your business can quickly be referred to as the one with flag out front’, making people easily identify what business their colleagues are talking about whenever your business name comes up during a conversation. This is good- all businesses would wish to identify with something positive.


As a business owner, you are constantly searching for ways to increase traffic to your business, and one of the ways of making it more attractive is visibility. Using a commercial flagpole will benefit your business in several ways.

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