Using Flagpoles in Your Business in 2017

Hey Moms – just wanted to discuss the recent current events that have taken place which have inspired me to get flags and flagpoles in the front of my business. There are some added benefits to it other than simply just having a flag in your yard… I wrote a piece below. Hope you enjoy! […]

Moms in Business Buying Office Space

Business and the task of earning money was once limited to only men and women used to remain involved in home affairs. With the growing employment opportunities and the need for fresh talents in business, more women are getting involved in office work and business. More specifically they are so talented and full of ideas […]

Do offices increase productivity?

Hey Moms, Sorry for the delay in writing a blog post. I’ve been bogged down a bit with my entrepreneurial ventures 🙂 I wanted to write a quick article for you guys about how office space can increase productivity. Stay tuned for some great office space deals below! Do business offices increase productivity? Why can’t […]

Moms Owning Their Own Business

The job of a mom is a huge one. Mothers are the multitaskers of all multitaskers. They can cook dinner, help a child with their homework and clean the kitchen all at the same time. Mom’s work is never done. When baby is asleep, she is being the domestic goddess and the ultimate wife. How […]

Women in Business

Despite the constant calls for gender equity, women are still not given as many opportunities as their male counterparts. Most women in business are often misjudged and rarely get credit for the good work that they do. There are many myths and wrong perceptions about women who are in business hence it is important to […]